Wrack Lines – Spring/Summer 2003 (Vol. 3, No. 1)


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  • "Microbes and Mud Give Scientist Clues about Life on Mars...and Earth" by Peg Van Patten - UCONN marine scientist Pieter Visscher investigates stromatolites, the earliest known forms of life on Earth, and the possibility of life on Mars. Download
  • "Rapid Evolution Rampant at Sea"by Hans G. Dam - Most examples of speedy evolution come from land studies. But rapid biological evolution is taking place, largely unobserved, in the world's oceans. And nature is not the only influence - human actions affect the outcomes too. In the future, will we observe more human health problems related to the consumption of fish loaded with toxins? Download
  • "Lobster Resource Showing No Signs of Recovery as Research Progresses" by Nancy C. Balcom - Frustration and lobsters go hand-in-hand around Long Island Sound these days. Problems generated by the massive die-off in 1999 are still with us in 2003, as the populations are not increasing much. Still, scientists are answering some key questions. Download