Month: September 2004

Wrack Lines – Fall/Winter 2004 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

A Decapod Crustacean “Who-dun-it?” by Peg Van Patten. Download Spreading Shell Rot Disease “Eating” New England Lobsters by Peg Van Patten. Download Taking a Bite Outta Lobster Declines by Capt. Warren “Ted” Colburn. Download Expert Assists in Post-Tsunami Rebuilding in Thailand by David Bauman. Download What Color is Your Carapace? by Cindy Weiss. Download A […]

LIS Lobster Health News

New York Sea Grant and Connecticut Sea Grant A user-friendly summary of the latest research results of the Long Island Sound Lobster Mortality Research Initiative. Topics covered include Pathogens, Pesticides, Environmental Factors, etc. Nancy Balcom and Antoinette Clemetson, eds. Illustrated, 10 pages. Download PDF Free while supplies last!