Wrack Lines – Fall/Winter 2006 (Vol. 6, No. 2)


  • Letter from the Editor #9  Peg Van Patten. Download
  • Find Your Way Around Long Island Sound by Peg Van Patten. Some great new digital maps from the Long Island Sound Resource Center will give you a new perspective. Download
  • Recapturing the Unsinkable Spirit of the Bonhomme Richard by Melissa Ryan: A search is underway for the remains of this 18th century vessel captained by John Paul Jones in one of the most memorable naval battles in U.S. history. Download
  • Mr. Meaney Goes to Washington—as a Sea Grant Knauss Fellow by Peg Van Patten. Lucky Yale graduate student Christopher Meaney has been selected a John A. Knauss Sea Grant Marine Policy Fellow, and will be placed in a federal office on Capitol Hill in 2007. Download
  • Can Eelgrass and Aquaculture Coexist? by Tessa S. Getchis. Eelgrass is essential for a healthy Long Island Sound. Can it stay healthy in areas where shellfish aquaculture gear is used? Download
  • Beware of the Red Menace by Peg Van Patten. A non-native red seaweed in now established in parts of Eastern Long Island Sound. What will the impact on native organisms and ecosystems be? Download
  • Say Hola to Mexican Tuna! by Peg Van Patten and Monica Allard Cox. High quality Mexican tuna demands a high market price. But tuna ranching uses wild stock. Should the practice transition to tuna farming, wherein the tuna are raised entirely in captivity? Download
  • HACCP Drives Safe Seafood by Nancy C. Balcom. Seafood handlers are trained in "HACCP" principles to ensure seafood is handled safely between boat and market. You can use the same principles in your kitchen at home. Download
  • New Faces at Connecticut Sea Grant by Peg Van Patten. Meet connecticut Sea Grant's new Director, Sylvain De Guise, and new coastal habitat expert Juliana Barrett. Download
  • New Publications From Connecticut Sea Grant by Peg Van Patten. Two new free publications from Connecticut Sea Grant include a laminated guide to the common seaweeds of Long Island Sound and a fact sheet about Grateloupia turuturu, an invasive seaweed in Long Island Sound. Download