Wrack Lines – Fall/Winter 2007 (Vol. 7, No. 2)


  • Letter from the Editor #11 Peg Van Patten. Download
  • Red Shrimp Recipe Chef Chaz Paull, Daniel Packer Inne. Download
  • Royal Red Shrimp-Stonington's Succulent Secret by Rob Jennings. Scientists with the Census of Marine Life's Zooplankton unit are barcoding the wee beasties. Download
  • Bob Pomeroy Asks "How is Your MPA Doing?" in Five Languages by Suzanne Zack. If you haven't discovered these beauties, you're in for a tasty treat! Download
  • Can Eelgrass and Aquaculture Coexist? by Tessa S. Getchis. Eelgrass is essential for a healthy Long Island Sound. Can it stay healthy in areas where shellfish aquaculture gear is used? Download
  • Makeover for the Shenecossett Ponds by Adrianne Loweth and Juliana Barrett. Two ponds owned by a beach club in Groton, CT are threatened by invasive species and sedimentation. What are these ladies planning? Download
  • Shifting Sands, Shifting Perspectives by Jenna Whewell. As times change, so do Connecticut beaches and the uses people make of them. With beaches a tourist attraction today, some people want them to stay put. Niantic and Hammonassett have some issues. Download
  • Remembering Richard Goodwin, Conservation Pioneer by Juliana Barrett. Dick Goodwin was a true friend to the environment. He will be sorely missed. Download
  • An SOS for Sharks
    by Peg Van Patten
    Illegal shark "finning" and diseases are taking their toll on these beautiful large predators.