Funds target small research, education, outreach & pilot projects

Connecticut Sea Grant provides development funding for small research, education, outreach and pilot projects on a rolling basis.

This funding for small projects is awarded on an on-going basis. Development project funding is primarily designed for one-time support of pilot research projects, publications, conferences or similar initiatives. Requests should be under $5,000 and preferably in the $250 to $3,000 range. There is no specific format or length requirements for development requests, however they should be well-written, include references if needed, and must:

  • Clearly delineate how the project responds or relates to the specific goals and outcomes identified in the CTSG strategic plan
  • Describe the need for the project, the methods or approach to be used
  • Identify the names, contacts and qualifications of individuals involved
  • Include a budget and justification for the requested budget items
  • Be sent via email to Dr. Syma Ebbin.

All projects funded this year must be completed by 1/31/2019.  For more information please refer to our development funding webpage   or contact Dr. Syma Ebbin.