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Are any of the Norwalk Islands open to the public? Will the goats be back at Edgewood Park in New Haven next year? How can I get involved in the Niantic watershed work? Can you still get a recreational license to catch lobsters in Long Island Sound? What’s the best spot for a recreational fishermen to catch shad?

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♦ Lori Romick of Milford asks, “How will the Friends of Edgewood Park maintain the area free of invasives after the goats have done their part?” 

Stephanie FitzGerald, president of the Friends of Edgewood Park, replied: 

“Our plan is to have the goats for two years. Hopefully, by the time they have left for good, they will have killed or mortally weakened the invasives — Japanese knotweed and mugwort, specifically.  Our plan then is to replant with native species to provide a healthier environment for wildlife. I hope that in late winter 2019, we will confer with many of the other sites who are already in year 3 or 4 and find out what has worked well for them, so that we can make our plans accordingly.”