Marine Spatial Planning

Cover of Long Island Sound Blue PlanBackground:

Long Island Sound is an ecologically and economically important water body that supports a diversity of natural resources and human uses. Connecticut Sea Grant co-led a marine spatial planning effort in order to identify where those resources and activities take place, with the goal to protect them and reduce conflicts in the future, if/when new activities are proposed, through a transparent and information-based process.

The Blue Plan:

Several years of research, public engagement and planning efforts led to the Long Island Sound Blue Plan, which was adopted by the Connecticut General Assembly on May 14, 2021. Much background and information on the CT DEEP dedicated web site. Relevant documents include:

  • The Blue Plan , which aims to protect important ecological resources and existing human uses, and serve as a tool to reduce conflicts in the future.
  • The plan is based on years of research and public engagement to identify where such natural resources and human uses take place, documented in the Long Island Sound Resource and Use Inventory.
  • A diversity of datasets are summarized in a simple, user-friendly and interactive interface, the Blue Plan Map Viewer, developed in collaboration with the University of Connecticut’s Center for Land Use Education and Research. 
  • A Blue Plan Users Guide was developed to assist in better understanding, help navigate through the different sections, and applying the policies of the Blue Plan.
  • A Blue Plan Practitioners Guide was also developed to provide examples of how the Blue Plan is and can be used.
  • The Blue Plan will be updated periodically. To comment and receive information about updates and other topics related to the plan, use this form: