CT Sea Grant's Anoushka Concepcion, left, works with one of DJ King's crewmembers to deploy kelp seed string.

“Deploying Sugar Kelp Seed String” video

New video, “Deploying Sugar Kelp Seed String,” showing the process of planting seaweed in LIS. Kelp farmer DJ King and Anoushka Concepcion, associate extension education specializing in marine aquaculture, talk about this new and exciting crop that is edible, nutritious and environmentally friendly.

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Cover of "Comprehensive Review of Connecticut Aquaculture Laws"

Comprehensive Review of Connecticut Aquaculture Laws

The newly published “Comprehensive Review of Connecticut Aquaculture Laws” assesses the state’s aquaculture laws, compares various aspects of Connecticut’s aquaculture laws to those of competitor states, addresses 11 major questions and suggests policy changes to strengthen regulatory systems.

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Genetic Approaches for the Culture and Restoration of Bay Scallops

S. Stiles, J. Choromanski, and D. Jeffress This manual addresses techniques and technology for developing genetic lines and genetic strategies to improve culture, stock enhancement, and restoration of the bay scallop.   Illustrated, coil-bound.  80 pp. CTSG-08-16.   ISBN 1-878301-11.  Price: $10.00 includes postage and handling within the USA.  Orders outside the USA require additional postage. To […]

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Seed Oystering

T. Getchis, L. Williams, and A. May An 8-page introduction to seed oystering, written for Connecticut citizens, including history, ecology, equipment and techniques and information on regulations. Illustration of the oyster life cycle. Revised for 2007 Download PDF

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Decision-Making Factors for Investment in Aquaculture

R. Pomeroy This practical two-page (double-sided) fact sheet contains checklists to help the aquaculture professional evaluate an aquaculture business plan, including management, financial, physical, production, and marketing factors. The evaluation will help in business decision-making. Free. Download PDF

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Developing an Aquaculture Business Plan

R. Pomeroy A good aquaculture business proposal or plan will result in fewer mistakes in the business and exposes thoughts, assumptions, and research findings to reason. A business plan is also needed to secure financing. This 1-page fact sheet will help you develop your plan. Free. Download PDF

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Aquaculture Record Keeping

R. Pomeroy This two-page (double-sided) fact sheet can help the aquaculturist keep accurate, detailed and complete records, to make the business most efficient. Such records can help in obtaining financing, doing taxes, and qualifying for government programs. Free. Download PDF

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Financing the Aquaculture Operation

R. Pomeroy and T. Getchis Obtaining capital for an aquaculture business can be a formidable task. This one-page fact sheet provides useful tips and resources. Free. Write for paper copy or Download PDF

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Manual for the Hatchery Culture of Bay Scallops

J.C. Widman, J. Choromanski, R.A. Robohm, S. Stiles, G.H. Wickfors and A. Calabrese This manual, a collaboration between scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Lab in Milford, CT and Connecticut Sea Grant, describes step by step techniques for hatchery culture of bay scallops. 50 pp. Publication Number CTSG-01-03 with Postage $10.00. To request a copy, […]

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