Cover of The Connecticut Seafood Survey

CT Seafood Survey report looks at consumption habits

“The Connecticut Seafood Survey: Assessing Seafood Consumption, Knowledge, Behaviors and Preferences of Connecticut Residents” offers information to better understand current eating habits and how to get more seafood into Connecticut residents’ diets — especially shellfish, fish and seaweed from local waters.

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Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy Conventional fisheries management focuses on a single species or stock and may assume that the productivity of that stock is a function only of its inherent population characteristics. Ecosystem-based management strategies recognize that both natural and human elements in the ecosystem must be taken into account in order to really understand fisheries. […]

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Adaptive Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy Adaptive management relies on deliberate experimentation followed by systematic monitoring of the results from which fisheries managers or fishermen can learn. 1-page fact sheet. Publication Number CTSG-03-10 Free. Download PDF  

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Rights-based Fisheries Management

Dr. Robert Pomeroy A rights-based fisheries management system might include limited entry or access rights, input rights (fishing effort) or output rights (specific catch limits). The various forms and characteristics are presented. Publication Number CTSG-04-02 Free. Download PDF

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Fisheries Co-Management

Co-management is an alternative management strategy that involves fishermen in the management process. There is greater local stewardship, responsibility, and enthusiastic participation in management when fishermen are active members of the management team. Find out how it works and the pros and cons in this fact sheet.

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Marine Protected Areas: an Ecosystem-based Management Tool

Dr. Robert Pomeroy Because of their integral role in marine biodiversity conservation and ecosystem-based management, marine protected areas (MPAs) have recently emerged as an alternative for protecting fish populations and their habitats. 1-page fact sheet. Publication Number CTSG-03-09 Free. Download PDF  

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