Summary Report on Long Island Sound Lobster Die-Off

Wrack Lines - no coverNancy Balcom and Penelope Howell
Responding to a resource Disaster: American Lobsters in Long Island Sound 1999-2004 is a report issued in 2006, which unravels the mystery of the environmental stressors that killed the lobsters. It summarizes the results of 21 research projects and conclusions of the research teams. Now you can follow the complex four-year, multi-million dollar research investigation of the massive 1999 die-off through all of its convolutions, via a newly-released summary report written for the non-scientist. Print copies available. Free, but $1.50 each copy for postage and handling. 22 pp.

Publication Number CTSG-06-02
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For more information on the Long Island Sound lobster mortality visit the CT/NY LIS Lobster Information website.