Climate Change

Emily Kollmer, a recent graduate of the marine vertebrate biology program at Stony Brook University, asks a question during the forum.

Sea Grant-supported science is showcased in daylong forum

The keynote speaker at CTSG’s 30th Anniversary Research Forum used an anecdote about a Norwalk bridge project to show how the work of scientists provides the foundation environmental advocates need to persuade lawmakers to take actions that benefit Long Island Sound and its watershed.

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Projects to advance knowledge of LIS water quality, marine life

Long Island Sound’s marine life and water quality will be the focus of five two-year research projects Connecticut Sea Grant will support in 2018. Proposals by four research teams from the University of Connecticut and one from Yale University School were chosen for the awards

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What if the Polar Ice Caps Melted?

Doran, E. and K. O’Brien. 2010. “What if the Polar Ice Caps Melted?”, Inundation Scenario Map for Connecticut. In Wrack Lines Magazine Vol. 10 No. 2. (PDF)

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