CTSG Art Award Recipients

Connecticut Sea Grant Awards 2016 Arts Support
to New Haven Artist, Anastasiia Palamarchuk

Connecticut Sea Grant announced today the winner of its 2016 Arts Support Awards Program. This annual $1000 competitive award, selected by an external panel of art experts, is awarded to an artist whose work supports Sea Grant’s mission of ocean and coastal awareness. Anastasiia Palamarchuk, a graduate student in Yale University’s Fine Arts program, is this year’s recipient.

Palamarchuk’s project will be researching and creating a video to tell the amazing story of Madeline Blair, a Connecticut native who stowed away on the Battleship Arizona in 1924 in order to travel to Los Angeles. The project builds upon her graduate project with Rebecca Sittler, a professor at California State University Long Beach, “Seafaring Women.” The goal is to shed light on women’s role in seafaring history, particularly where women have gone to sea as pirates, stowaways, explorers, or disguised as sailors.

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Connecticut Sea Grant Awards 2015 Arts Support
to New York Artist, Tyler McPhee

August 25, 2015 Groton, CT–Connecticut Sea Grant at the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus announced today the winner of its 2015 Arts Support Awards Program. This annual $1000 competitive award, selected by an external panel of art experts, is awarded to an artist whose work supports the Sea Grant mission of ocean and coastal awareness. Tyler McPhee of Brooklyn, New York is the 2015 recipient. “Those who have plowed the ocean…” is the title of his project concept, which will be a video installation to be filmed in the maritime environment of Fisher‘s Island, New York, situated between Connecticut and New York.

The film takes inspiration from a quote by Simon Bolivar, All those who have served the revolution have plowed the sea. “The quote reminds me of any sort of struggle to create a better future, whether that is the political future of one’s country and continent, like Bolivar, or the desire to gain a greater understanding and kinship with the environment, said McPhee.”

McPhee plans to work with a farmer and horse team from Connecticut (hopefully from a salt water farm) who will act as the protagonists of the short poetic film. It will feature the narrative of their actions moving from stable, to estuary to tidal zone engaging the teams’ plow to the water. “This ridiculous endeavour is meant to highlight the struggle for knowledge and progress towards understanding the environment around us.” Mc Phee writes, “The depiction of three different zones of the maritime environment is to underscore the significance of the coastal environment to our lives..” The filming of this project would take place during the early fall on Fisher’s Island in cooperation with the Lighthouseworks Artist Residency program. Examples of Mr. McPhee’s art can be seen on his website (click here).

Carla Goldberg Receives Connecticut Sea Arts Support Grant 2014

Carla Goldberg of Nelsonville NY received the 2014 Arts Support Award. Goldberg’s proposal, “Memory Sculptural Drawings of Connecticut’s Coastal Waters,” was reviewed and selected by an independent panel of artists in a competitive process. The artist received a $1,000 award to create a series of sculptural drawings of Long Island Sound waters from memories of her visits to various shore locations along the Connecticut coast. See this artist’s work (click here).

Connecticut Sea Grant Announces Arts Award Recipients 2013

Two artists have been selected to receive up to $1000 for their projects this year.

Artist Samuel C. Ekwurtzel of New London, Connecticut was selected for his project “On the Beach,” a multi-part exhibition of video and sculptural works that seeks to capture the dynamic nature of the coast. One part of the installation pairs monumental sculptures of post-modern engineering forms with traditional wooden vessels. Another component is comprised of videos; the first showing a jazz drummer playing a composition synchronized with the rhythm of waves crashing on the beach. The other is a documentary following a New London, Connecticut-based monkfishing vessel on an offshore fishing trip. The exhibition, when completed, will be presented at Real Art Ways Gallery in Hartford.

The second project selected supports a movie by artist Jacob Steinberg of Greenwich, Connecticut. “Osprey,” is a high quality natural history documentary which follows a breeding pair of osprey in Greenwich. The grant funds will be used to purchase equipment needed to complete the video production. The story of the osprey captured in the film provides an example of a conservation success, the restoration of an iconic species, once threatened with extinction due to the indiscriminate application of biocides such as DDT. Watch a trailer of the movie (click here).

Art Support Recipients Selected in 2012

Sculptor Gar Waterman’s video project entitled “A Slug Story” (Long Island Sound Nudibranch)” was selected to receive a $1,000 grant. This project will feature the creation of a short video documenting the carving of a sculpture of a Long Island Sound native nudibranch, from rough block of stone to the finished sculpture shown here. Waterman is from New Haven. Update: See the amazing video!

The second project selected for funding, for which $600 was awarded, is a proposal for illustrating a children’s book called “Aqua-Marine: Sea Life in Long Island Sound”. The artist is Lynn Stephens Massey of Norwalk. She specializes in watercolors. Update: Massey is seeking a publisher.