Seafood Safety

For Consumers

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For Industry

About the program

The program includes:

  • specific sanitation measures that must be undertaken and monitored regularly
  • the HACCP plan that identifies and controls potential food safety hazards related to species and processing methods

Where does Sea Grant Extension fit in?

We offer HACCP training courses for industry members so that they can meet the training requirement of the FDA regulation. Courses are offered 2-3 times per year, in conjunction with the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Aquaculture, the University of Rhode Island food safety specialist, and the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Program. Connecticut Sea Grant Extension has participated in training more than 500 members of the seafood industry from all over the Northeast.

HACCP training options


No in-person seafood HACCP training courses will be offered for the foreseeable future. If you need to complete the seafood HACCP training requirement, you must first take the Segment One online course through Cornell University ( Once you have completed that, you can go on the AFDO site and look at the training calendar for a Segment Two virtual course ( – click on Upcoming Courses)

Requirements for the Segment Two virtual course include having all-day access to a computer with a microphone, camera and the Internet.

A Segment Two virtual course will be offered by The University of Maine in January 2021 and Connecticut Sea Grant will offer one on Feb. 11, 2021. For more information, contact Nancy Balcom at