Policies for Proposals

Research Proposal and Report Sharing Policy

It is the policy of CTSG that when a request is made for a copy of a funded proposal, we ask the requester to contact the PI directly with his or her request. However, it is expected that if faced with a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), CTSG may have to provide a copy of the proposal. Progress reports of funded research projects are reviewed to assure adequate progress towards the stated goals, and are not made public. However, final reports that summarize the findings of a research project will be made public.

Funded Research: Data Sharing Policy

New NOAA regulations require that data and information collected and/or created under NOAA grants and cooperative agreements must be made visible, accessible, and independently understandable to general users, free of charge or at minimal cost, in a timely manner (typically no later than two years after the data are collected or created), except where limited by law, regulation, policy or by security requirements. The new requirement has two basic parts: (1) environmental and socio-economic data generated by a grant project must be made available after a reasonable period of exclusive use, and (2) the grant application must describe the plan to make the data available. Proposals considered for funding by CTSG need to satisfy those data sharing requirements.

CTSG No-Cost Extension Policy

No-cost extensions (NCE) must be requested by PIs who have received any funding administered by CTSG (i.e.; CTSG or NESG Consortium biennial omnibus research grant, development grant, or EPA LISS research grant, etc.) three months prior to the end date of the grant (for CTSG omnibus grants this date is October 31, of the preceding year). Requests must be sent to Dr. Syma Ebbin, CTSG Research Coordinator and must include a justification for the NCE. After receiving and reviewing the request, Connecticut Sea Grant may grant PIs with one no-cost extension, extending research time by up to one additional year. A second NCE request will generally not be considered. PIs who have received an NCE must submit a two year progress report charting their progress by March 1 of the year in which their research was originally slated to be completed. PIs shall submit a final completion report at the termination of the NCE.