Month: September 2009

Wrack Lines – Fall/Winter 2009 (Vol. 9, No. 2)

Letter from the Editor #15 Peg Van Patten. Download A Muddy Mystery: Sudden Vegetation Dieback in CT marshes by Wade H. Elmer. Download Oceans and Human Health: Hand in Hand by Melissa Ryan. Download DNA, Red Tide and the Sea: a New Exhibit at Mystic Aquarium by Peg Van Patten. Download Looking Forward to Spring’s […]

A Planting Guide for Riparian Sites Along the Connecticut Coast

Juliana Barrett and Rachael Cleveland This 8-page pamphlet, published in 2009, describes some of Connecticut’s coastal habitats, the functions and values of riparian buffers, and how to plant a riparian buffer. Such buffers can minimize the impacts of polluted runoff on water quality and coastal habitats. Free print copies while quantities last. Please add $1.25 […]