How we will pursue staff education about DEI & environmental justice in CTSG & the communities we serve:

  • Commit to continued professional development to acquire a basic understanding of inequities based upon age, race, gender, religion, income and other demographic characteristics. (e.g., monthly staff meeting that includes guest speakers and/or reviewing, sharing and discussing relevant articles, information or tools; participation in other learning opportunities)
  • Learn about inequities that exist across Connecticut communities and Sea Grant stakeholder groups
  • Learn about the gender spectrum
  • Seek to understand the language of diversity including the appropriate use of racial labels and pronouns
  • Learn about the concept of environmental justice and how to apply it
  • Seek expertise to examine and address CTSG policies/practices that have the potential to result in, or have resulted in, a lack of inclusivity or inequity based on age, race, gender, religion, income and/or other differences
  • Seek expertise to lead an exercise that examines our individual experiences and conditioning and apply those lessons to affect positive change to realize the new inclusive culture we strive for
  • Seek expertise to lead a training and implement skills to handle situations in which someone is being excluded or marginalized
  • Solicit advice from existing and new partners to enhance our DEI efforts
  • Create and follow guidance for acknowledging and correcting missteps

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