How we will welcome multiple perspectives and encourage open expression of ideas:

  • Model and require respectful behavior in all personal interactions because words and actions, or the lack thereof, have powerful meanings.

    In CTSG-sponsored, co-sponsored or facilitated meetings, programs, events and office spaces:

    • Clearly articulate expectations for respectful behavior that offers everyone a chance to participate.
    • Treat everyone as an individual who is unique and has something of value to contribute.
    • Greet everyone with respect and a smile.
    • Ask if there is anything else we can do to make your visit comfortable.
    • Facilitate discussions in a manner that ensures that everyone’s voice is heard.
    • Offer an opportunity to share pronouns and use appropriate pronouns when offered.
    • Pay attention to body language to recognize discomfort in others.
    • Intervene appropriately when someone is not being treated respectfully.
    • Recognize, admit and address missteps.

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