“Deploying Sugar Kelp Seed String” video

New video, “Deploying Sugar Kelp Seed String,” showing the process of planting seaweed in LIS. Kelp farmer DJ King and Anoushka Concepcion, associate extension education specializing in marine aquaculture, talk about this new and exciting crop that is edible, nutritious and environmentally friendly.

The Relationship between Aquaculture and the Public Trust in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island

A new fact sheet, “The Relationship between Aquaculture and the Public Trust in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island” seeks to improve understanding of the public trust doctrine and use of public waters for shellfish aquaculture in these three states.

How we will develop programs, services, resources & products representative of & accessible to the people of CT & other Sea Grant stakeholders:

Visibly demonstrate our commitment to DEI by striving to make Connecticut Sea Grant research, outreach, educational programs, resources and opportunities available and accessible to everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, disability or veteran status Plan events, meetings and presentations that: Avoid key cultural and religious holidays […]

How we will welcome multiple perspectives and encourage open expression of ideas:

Model and require respectful behavior in all personal interactions because words and actions, or the lack thereof, have powerful meanings. In CTSG-sponsored, co-sponsored or facilitated meetings, programs, events and office spaces: Clearly articulate expectations for respectful behavior that offers everyone a chance to participate. Treat everyone as an individual who is unique and has something […]

How we will pursue staff education about DEI & environmental justice in CTSG & the communities we serve:

Commit to continued professional development to acquire a basic understanding of inequities based upon age, race, gender, religion, income and other demographic characteristics. (e.g., monthly staff meeting that includes guest speakers and/or reviewing, sharing and discussing relevant articles, information or tools; participation in other learning opportunities) Learn about inequities that exist across Connecticut communities and […]