Wrack Lines

Wrack Lines: road flooding, raising risks, reflections on Teale

“Making Connections,” the theme of the Spring-Summer 2019 issue of Wrack Lines, focuses on how climate change is amplifying the many ways that people and nature are intertwined.

3 harbors, lobsters, shad and more in new Wrack Lines

The Fall/Winter 2018-19 issue of Wrack Lines tells about progress and setbacks of the last three decades on Long Island Sound, with stories on Norwalk, New Haven and Niantic harbors; the contrasting survival stories of the lobster and shad populations, along with some shad recipes; and winners of our 30th Anniversary photo contest. Send questions about the articles to “Ask Wrack Lines.”

Picture your pictures in Wrack Lines – photo contest open for entries

As summer winds down, head out to one of the many beautiful places on our coastline with your camera and get creative! Long Island Sound and its waterways are very photogenic, so getting good pictures of the wildlife, scenery and people at work and play in this estuary of national importance is easy. Capturing eye-catching images is a great way to spend time outdoors and appreciate all the beauty right here at home – and join Connecticut Sea Grant in celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Sound summer: sunsets, smiles, beaks, boats & fishermen

Whether you’re looking for beach scenes, sunsets, wildlife or the many ways people recreate on the water, Long Island Sound offers a wealth of material for photographs. This summer, make sure to take your camera when you head to the shore and look for photos to help Connecticut Sea Grant celebrate a significant milestone.

Sea to table: fish, shellfish & sea vegetables from local waters

The Spring-Summer 2018 issue of Wrack Lines focuses on local seafood, from newly abundant species to old favorites. Read how restaurants and markets are offering local seafood, availability of fish, shellfish and kelp, the experiences of a first-time clammer and some great recipes by Connecticut chefs.

Wrack Lines – Fall/Winter 2016 (Vol. 16, No. 2)

IndexDownload entire issue PDF(9 MB) or download articles below. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader available at Adobe.com. Letter from the Editor (page 2) Contents (page 3) Throw the Big Ones Back! (page 4) Endangered Atlantic sturgeon find a new nursery in the Connecticut River (page 8) Urban Wetlands–a Salty Conversation (page 10) […]