Sea Grant projects address CEC concerns nationally

Contaminants of emerging concern are increasingly detected in surface water and groundwater, posing risks to drinking water and aquatic life. Since 2020, Sea Grant has been building its CEC-focused research portfolio and supporting projects that serve locally-derived information needs. 

Volunteers rid 110 lbs. of trash from New Haven coastal area

Lisanne Winslow extended her trash grabber into a thicket of tall reeds to extract a partially concealed plastic soda bottle. She was one of 17 volunteers who helped rid a popular coastal walkway and adjoining nature preserve of as much trash as they could collect on a sunny morning on Aug. 12.

Research to focus on contaminants in urban waterways

Fish, shellfish, insect, water and sediment samples from urban coastal areas from the Chesapeake Bay to Northern New England will be analyzed for the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in four research projects commissioned by a partnership of the CT, NH and NC Sea Grant programs.