Volunteers rid 110 lbs. of trash from New Haven coastal area

Lisanne Winslow extended her trash grabber into a thicket of tall reeds to extract a partially concealed plastic soda bottle. She was one of 17 volunteers who helped rid a popular coastal walkway and adjoining nature preserve of as much trash as they could collect on a sunny morning on Aug. 12.

2023 undergraduate fellows to focus on plastics, sea scallops

Big challenges don’t scare Myalia Durno and Brendon Goulette, recipients of CTSG Undergraduate Research Fellowships. This summer, after finishing the spring semesters at their respective colleges, Durno and Goulette will delve into two of the most complex problems facing the marine environment.

A cleaner city park means a cleaner Long Island Sound

Eighty-four pounds worth of the debris of modern civilization that would have polluted Long Island Sound instead ended up in trash bags on Aug. 15, when a small crew from CT Sea Grant and Save the Sound partnered on a two-hour cleanup at Seaside Park in Bridgeport.