Wrack Lines issue explores creatures from sea to sky to garden

Cover of Spring-Summer 2022 issue of Wrack Lines magazine with a photo of a large-eyed feather duster worm“All Creatures Great and Mostly Small” is the theme of the Spring-Summer 2022 issue of Wrack Lines magazine, filled with stunning images and engaging articles about some of the marine and terrestrial animals around us and the people who devote their attention to them.

Articles explore the many creatures and artifacts found by divers around Plum Island and elsewhere in Long Island Sound; the fascinating life and work of bird painter Rex Brasher; and research into how a species of copepod will respond to climate change conditions in the marine environment. Another story calls us to appreciate some of the beneficial but lesser-known insects in our gardens. A final piece looks at the thriving oyster community in Ash Creek in Fairfield and the volunteers and scientists working to further enhance these beds and others throughout Connecticut.

A pdf of the entire issue can be found here.

Individual articles:

Editor’s column

“A Scuba View of the Sound: divers document rich variety of marine life around Plum Island and beyond”

“Bill Palmer: diving into history”

“Rex Brasher: Connecticut’s greatest unknown artist left a legacy of bird masterpieces”

“Experiment with Tiny Marine Creatures Reveals Future Cost of Climate Change”

“Beyond Butterflies and Bumblebees: many lesser known but common insects are beneficial, indeed essential, to a healthy garden and planet”

“Ash Creek in Fairfield: ‘shellfish paradise’ that can guide future restoration”

“Drone Technology Could Help Advance Shellfish Restoration Efforts”