Month: March 2004

Wrack Lines – Vol. 4, No. 1: Beware the Grip of the Rip!

Beware the Grip of the Rip!Spring/Summer 2004 Be careful of the undertow,” my mother warned in somber tones when I went off with friends for a summer swim at Misquamicut Beach, Rhode Island, in my youth. “It’s very powerful and can pull you away from shore–right out to sea!” An inexperienced swimmer, I nodded gravely […]

Wrack Lines – Vol. 4, No. 1: Letter from the Editor

Index Spring/Summer 2004 Letter From the Editor To Our Readers I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer as much as I did. I had a great time helping to introduce my granddaughter, Emily, to the Atlantic Ocean (she approved). By the time you get this issue, though, our beach paraphernalia will be wistfully stowed away. […]