Month: March 2008

Wrack Lines – Spring/Summer 2008 (Vol. 8, No. 1)

Letter from the Editor #12 Peg Van Patten. DownloadThe Horseshoe Crab Conundrum by Jennifer H. Mattei and Mark A. Beekey. DownloadMercury and the Ocean by Rob Mason. DownloadThe Milford Library—Oysters, Clams, Scallops and Fish too! by George Sennefelder. DownloadMinding the 3 R’s: Protecting Connecticut’s Coastal Resources through Response, Remediation, and Restoration by Anthony Dvarskas. DownloadIn […]

Evaluation of Fish Tags as an Attenuated Rights-Based Management Approach for Gulf of Mexico Recreational Fisheries

R.J. Johnston, D.S. Holland, V. Maharaj, and T.W. Campson This report explores issues related to the potential adaptation of rights-based harvest tags to the recreational reef fishery in the Gulf of Mexico. State harvest tag programs for hunting and mixed hunting/fishing are also summarized, as well as eight of the better-known existing harvest tag programs […]