Seeking a few good educators to be LIS Mentor Teachers

Flyer for Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher programAre you a K-12 classroom teacher Connecticut? Do you have some great Long Island Sound activities and lessons to share? Want to help your fellow teachers integrate Long Island Sound and its watershed into their curriculum?

Join us! We’re looking for teams (of 2) K-12 teachers to promote the use of Long Island Sound educational resources and to promote the interdisciplinary use of the Long Island Sound watershed and its resources in K-12 classrooms. Stipends for each teacher, as well as funds for resources to run a professional learning session, are available!

History: Since its inception in 2002 and with dedicated funding from the EPA Long Island Sound Study (EPA LISS), the Long Island Sound Mentor Teacher (LISMT) program has run than 40 LISMT and NGSS workshops in

Connecticut, usually in a coastal location with access to Long Island Sound or its watershed.  More than 30 LIS mentor teachers have reached hundreds of formal and informal K-12 educators and through them, over 35,000students in more than 100 Connecticut cities, towns and regional school districts.

Download a pdf of the LIS Mentor Teacher flyer here.