Managed retreat is topic of Nov. 13 virtual workshop

Portrait photo of Prof. A.R. Siders
Prof. A.R. Siders Photo: University of Delaware
Managed retreat workshop flyer
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The Climate Adaptation Academy is offering a free webinar, “Managed Retreat in the Age of Climate Change,” from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 13.

The workshop, rescheduled from an in-person event this spring that was canceled due to the pandemic, will feature a keynote address by A.R. Siders, assistant professor in the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware. Her talk will lead into discussion and examples highlighting the legal, social and practical questions raised when considering retreat from coastal areas vulnerable to sea level rise and other climate change impacts.

Questions that will be considered during the workshop include: Is retreat a good or a bad idea? Will we be forced to retreat due to sea level rise in 30 years or 50 years? What does it mean to a community and how do we manage it?

Siders’ areas of expertise include: research on climate adaptation policies with an emphasis on managed

retreat; environmental justice; how communities can adapt to climate change and climate-related hazards; and the national security implications of climate change. She is a member of the Climagration Network, Ocean Visions and the Global Center for Climate Resilience.

In addition to Siders, Attorney Marjorie Shansky will speak about legal issues involving retreat, which is already happening in coastal states throughout the country including Connecticut. Other speakers will focus on issues and examples related to retreat in Connecticut.

Attorney Marjorie Shansky
Attorney Marjorie Shansky

The workshop is designed for municipal and state officials, land use professionals and members of the interested public. 

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For information, contact Bruce Hyde at: or at: (860) 345-5229; or Juliana Barrett at: or at: (860) 405-9106.