Wrack Lines explores the many facets of marine education

Cover of Fall-Winter 2023-2024 issue of Wrack Lines magazineLearn about the inspiring journey of a mini sailboat, lessons from beaches and school aquariums and the unique geology of the Connecticut shoreline in the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 issue of Wrack Lines magazine. More good reading can be found in articles about how the ocean literacy campaign and ocean identity research are working to expand marine science education.

Titled, “Learning about the Sea: How it Becomes Real, Visible and Connecticut to Human Life,” the issue presents the diverse and exciting realm of marine science education, from international excursions to the geologic stories of our coast; from classrooms and beach field trips to the education experts devoting themselves to advancing people’s understanding of the ocean and its importance in our lives.

The entire issue can be found here. 

Individual articles are found below: 

Editor’s Column, Contents and Contributors

The Serendipitous Transatlantic Tale of One Small but Mighty Boat

How a Geologist Comprehends the Convoluted Connecticut Coast

When Marine Science Comes Alive, Teachers Become Students and Students Become Teachers

Campaign for Ocean Literacy Works to Bring Marine Education to Classrooms and Beyond

Ocean Identity Research Examines How and Why the Ocean Shapes Our Sense of Self

What’s In Our Names?; Back Cover

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