3 harbors, lobsters and shad in 30th anniversary issue

Wrack Lines Fall/Winter 2018-19 coverThe Fall-Winter 2018-19 issue explores the past, present and future of Long Island Sound with in-depth stories on Norwalk, New Haven and Niantic harbors, plus a look at two of the Sound’s iconic species: lobsters and shad.

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Articles in this issue:

Editor’s column

Table of contents

Long Island Sound: better today, but always a work in progress

In a cleaner Norwalk Harbor, birds and fish return, as the challenges of climate change loom

As New Haven takes a green-first approach, the harbor gains too

It takes a watershed to save a bay: Niantic Bay needs everyone’s efforts to safeguard it into the future

Long Island Sound to lobsters: is this farewell?

Had any shad lately? It’s time to rediscover Connecticut’s state fish

Contributors and winners of CT Sea Grant’s 30th Anniversary photo contest