New report highlights impacts on seafood industry

Steve Plant of Connecticut Cultured Oysters lowers a cage of oysters into the Mystic River.
Steve Plant of Connecticut Cultured Oysters lowers a cage of oysters into the Mystic River.

The 2016 -2017 annual report on Connecticut Sea Grant’s accomplishments and impacts in seafood production and consumption is now available for download. The 35-page report covers Sea Grant’s work on fisheries management in the Philippines; programs to provide safety and survival training to local fishermen; seafood safety training; seaweed aquaculture research and research on remote setting to stabilize annual oyster seed supply cost-effectively, among many other topics.

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Seafood Savvy Newsletter

Wrack Lines - no coverNancy Balcom and Lori Pivarnik
Newsletter published by Connecticut and Rhode Island Sea Grant concerning seafood safety issues. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list! Published Bi-annually.

Most recent issue: January 2017

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2017 Guide to Shellfishing on the Connecticut Coast

Connecticut Shellfishing GuidanceT. Getchis and Kristin DeRosia-Banick
This newly updated guide compiles information to help anyone get started in recreational shellfishing. It gives a rundown on what types of shellfish (clams, oysters, etc.) are found in this region and also includes information on where to go for permits, prices, contacts, etc. with information specific to each Connecticut coastal town.

Free: Download here


New England Seaweed Culture Handbook: Nursery Systems

Wrack Lines - no coverSarah Redmond, Lindsay Green, Charles Yarish, Jang Kim and Christopher Neefus.

92-page illustrated handbook shows how to culture 4 ecologically and economically important seaweeds native to New England. They are kelp, nori, Gracilaria and Chondrus. UConn and University of New Hampshire research teams give your their expertise.

Free. Download here

Companion 6-part video series, Seaweed culture in New England

Goals and Concerns of Fishery Stakeholders in the Development of Catch Share Management in New England

Wrack Lines - no coverRobert Pomeroy, Richard Pollnac, Alexander Maas, Jonathon Peros, Sam Grimly, Anne Hayden, Teresa Johnson

This report concerns the concept of catch-shares management in New England Fisheries. Concerns that stakeholders expressed in a Sea Grant survey commissioned by EDF to facilitate joint problem-solving are categorized and summarized.

Free. Download here.


2006 Economic Assessment of the Connecticut Commercial Lobster Industry

Wrack Lines - no coverRobert Pomeroy, Nancy Balcom and Emily Kieley
An economic assessment was conducted using questionnaires distributed to commercial lobstermen, in response to concerns about the lack of recovery of the industry from a massive die-off in 1999. This report compiles and analyzes the responses received.

Free. Download here