Month: April 2019

Students savored opportunity of ocean sciences contest

Learning marine biology, physics, chemistry and other sciences may have started in the classroom for these teenagers, but their recent opportunities to showcase what they know in a regional then a national competition gave them a whole new level of enthusiasm for the world of oceanography.

Climate change challenges: mosquitoes, runoff & septic

For anyone who assumes mosquitoes are just a nuisance, Michael Pacucilla has a sobering message.The director of health for the East Shore District Health Department, he shared a personal story about the serious consequences that can result from a bite by one of these ubiquitous insects.

Classes explored lawns as environmental friend or foe

The Spring 2019 Coastal Certificate Program starting April 23 will focus on lawns. With an emphasis on sustainable gardening for clean waters, the program is comprised of evening talks from scientists and practitioners about a range of topics, providing alternatives to nutrient and chemical intensive land care.