New 2023 Long Island Sound Resilience Planning and Updated Grant Writing Support Opportunities

As of Oct. 16, 2023, a new LIS Resilience Planning Support Program in addition to a second round of the Long Island Sound Resilience Grant Writing Assistance Program are available for municipalities and community organizations.

Rethinking CT’s Coastal Land Use and Adaptation Strategies

A study by Juliana Barrett of CT Sea Grant and UConn researcher Tao Wu looks at past land use changes and the importance of taking factors such as socio-economic development and the dynamic nature of coastal environments into consideration to make these areas more resilient to climate change.

New staff will help communities with growing climate challenges

If experience really is the best teacher, Deborah Abibou and Alicia Tyson have been to some of the prime places to learn about community resilience work. The two recently joined CTSG, filling new positions as sustainable and resilient community extension educators.