Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound Educational Resources CD-Rom


This CD is intended for K-12 teachers and educators only. It contains several educational resources for the classroom: a Long Island Sound Image Library, Living Treasures of Long Island Sound, and Sound Facts: fun facts about Long Island Sound. Free to teachers but shipping charges apply. Contact Office Manager or download order form.

This project was funded by the EPA Long Island Sound Study.

Salt Marsh Plants of Long Island Sound

Wrack Lines - no coverR. Scott Warren, Juliana Barrett, and Margaret Van Patten
This 38-page guide provides an overview of salt marsh habitats in the Long Island Sound region, including 23 individual plant descriptions with color photos and line drawings. It has a centerfold depicting marsh habitats and the location of salt marsh plants within the marsh.

Publication Number CTSG-09-14 and Arboretum Bulletin 40.

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Seaweeds of Long Island Sound- New Second Edition

Wrack Lines - no cover

Peg Van Patten
104 page, 4-color, lavishly illlustrated guide to the seaweeds of Long Island Sound. Topics include species identification and when, where, and how to collect and preserve specimens. Many habitat views and microscopic images are included with pages for individual species. 162 photographs. Funded by an education grant from U.S. EPA.

Publication Number CTSG-09-16
Single copies free to K-12 teachers (please request on school letterhead), others $5.00 plus $2.00 postage for single copies. Contact Office Manager for info on bulk order postage.
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Grateloupia turuturu, a Red Alga Invading Long Island Sound

Wrack Lines - no coverNancy C. Balcom
1-page 2-sided illustrated fact sheet. A red seaweed from Japan has appeared in Long Island Sound. This fact sheet describes what it looks like, why it is a problem, and what to do about reporting sightings of it. Illustrated.

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A Guide to the Larval and Juvenile Stages of Common Long Island Sound Ascidians and Bryozoans

Wrack Lines - no coverStephan G. Bullard and Robert B. Whitlatch
What is that thing? This beautifully illustrated guide will help you identify the early life stages of both ascidians and bryozoans in Long Island Sound. Splash-resistant laminated pages with coil binding make it perfect for use in the field, in laboratories, or in the classroom. Includes keys, line drawings, and color plates. Appropriate for college level students and above. 39 pp. NEW! Now available in free PDF. Download here (3MB).

Publication Number CTSG-04-07$15.00 plus $2.00 postage per copy or download free e-copy.

Guide to Understanding and Providing Public Access to Connecticut’s Coast

Wrack Lines - no coverNicole Vickey
Connecticut’s coastline is one of the most densely populated in the nation, with about 3,235 people per square mile of shore. Yet 80% of the shoreline is privately owned. This pocket-sized, 18-page booklet is intended to serve as a guide for town planners and municipal officials. Topics include the public trust doctrine, the importance of status of public access to coastal areas in Connecticut, and steps that should be taken in planning such access. It includes definitions of relevant terminology, contacts for coastal zone management information, a discussion of the legal “takings” issue, and the difference between lateral access and perpendicular access. There is also a reference list for further reading.

Publication Number CTSG-03-01
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