New England

New England Seaweed Culture Handbook: Nursery Systems

Wrack Lines - no coverSarah Redmond, Lindsay Green, Charles Yarish, Jang Kim and Christopher Neefus.

92-page illustrated handbook shows how to culture 4 ecologically and economically important seaweeds native to New England. They are kelp, nori, Gracilaria and Chondrus. UConn and University of New Hampshire research teams give your their expertise.

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Companion 6-part video series, Seaweed culture in New England

Goals and Concerns of Fishery Stakeholders in the Development of Catch Share Management in New England

Wrack Lines - no coverRobert Pomeroy, Richard Pollnac, Alexander Maas, Jonathon Peros, Sam Grimly, Anne Hayden, Teresa Johnson

This report concerns the concept of catch-shares management in New England Fisheries. Concerns that stakeholders expressed in a Sea Grant survey commissioned by EDF to facilitate joint problem-solving are categorized and summarized.

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