Modeling Vibrio Window of Concern Can Benefit Shellfish Industry and Consumers


Mike_Whitney_web Mike Whitney, a marine scientist at the University of Connecticut, is working to help control or prevent possible outbreaks of illness from Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacteria normally present in sea water. When Vibrio concentrations rise during warm summer conditions, the harmful bacteria can accumulate in shellfish and cause illness for human consumers.  Whitney leads a team that has been examining Vibrio samples taken in Connecticut oyster-growing locations, and incorporating their observations into a hydrodynamic computer model. Combining these observations with data on the physical properties of Long Island Sound waters, such as variations of temperature, salinity and flow, provides a good estimation of exactly when and where Vibrio might concentrate enough to become a threat.  UConn marine scientist, Evan Ward and Kristin DeRosia-Banick from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Aquaculture are also part of the project team.


2017 Guide to Shellfishing on the Connecticut Coast

Connecticut Shellfishing GuidanceT. Getchis and Kristin DeRosia-Banick
This newly updated guide compiles information to help anyone get started in recreational shellfishing. It gives a rundown on what types of shellfish (clams, oysters, etc.) are found in this region and also includes information on where to go for permits, prices, contacts, etc. with information specific to each Connecticut coastal town.

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Wrack Lines (Spring/Summer 2016): Vol. 16, No. 1

Genetic Approaches for the Culture and Restoration of Bay Scallops

Wrack Lines - no cover

S. Stiles, J. Choromanski, and D. Jeffress

This manual addresses techniques and technology for developing genetic lines and genetic strategies to improve culture, stock enhancement, and restoration of the bay scallop.   Illustrated, coil-bound.  80 pp. CTSG-08-16.   ISBN 1-878301-11.  Price: $10.00 includes postage and handling within the USA.  Orders outside the USA require additional postage.