Valuing the Coast: Economic Impacts of Connecticut’s Maritime Industry

CTSG-13-06_coverRobert S. Pomeroy, Nataliya Plesha and Umi Muawanah.

The goal of this study was to ascertain and document the significance of the maritime industry to Connecticut’s economy. The specific objective is to estimate the total economic impact of maritime industry sectors through the use of an economic model of the Connecticut economy.

Publication number CTSG-13-06.

A Student’s Guide to the Phytoplankton of Long Island Sound

Wrack Lines - no coverPeg Van Patten, Judy Yaqin Li and Gary H. Wikfors.
A digital guide to the microscopic world of phytoplankton, which make possible all of the creatures in Long Island Sound. A wonderful aid for high school or freshman college biology classes. Funded by the EPA Long Island Sound Study. 60 pages, illlustrated.

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Sea Squirts as Potential Vectors of Harmful Algal Introductions

Wrack Lines - no coverTessa L. Getchis, Maria Rosa, and Sandra E. Shumway

This fact sheet is about research that shows connections between sea squirts (ascidian organisms) and harmful algal blooms. In some species, algal cells remain viable after being consumed by biofouling organisms, the invasive sea squirts. 4 pages, color illustrations.

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